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Pack 12x candles Eco Candle

Pack 12x candles Eco Candle

Pack of 12 Eco candles wrapped with a gift ribbon. For the pleasure of giving or treating yourself.
Weight: 40g.



To create your candle eternal it, you need to :
- a pretty glass or candle jar and pour in a base of water, then 1cm of ordinary rapeseed oil on top.
- A piece of paper towel, about 2cm2 in size, which you will need to roll tightly and cut into 1cm lengths.
- Insert the wick into the hole in the middle of the bracket or float and make sure it holds properly by turning it over and shaking it a little. If the wick falls out, make a new one.
- Place the mixture in your glass or candle jar and wait for the wick to soak up all the oil, then light.

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