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Eco-Candle – Candle artisan and eco-friendly

Wedding gift, christmas gift, birthday gift, birth, housewarming...

The spark plug eternal Eco Candle is invisible to the surface of the oil. It is enough to dip slightly below. It is a design that allows to make his own candles green unique. Great for Home Staging.

This candle reusable 125 years on the principle of oil lamps make savings, since with 1 litre of oil, you have the equivalent of 1,000 hours of lighting.

Eco Candle is also a candle scented by adding a few drops of essential oils to it would be sufficient to mix the cooking oil to diffuse the scent of your choice.


Bougie éternelle, éco-candle fabriquée à partir d'huile végétale, eau, huiles essentiels, une mèche et support mèche eco-candle


Exemple de bougie éternelle Eco-candle

To create your candle eternal it, you need to :

  • a pretty glass or candle jar and pour a little water and then 1cm cooking oil ordinary rapeseed above.
  • a piece of paper towel around 2cm2 that it will be necessary to roll nice and compact and cut into 1cm in length.
  • insert the wick into the hole in the middle of the support or of the float and ensure that the wick standing properly in the back and shaking a little. If the wick grave, made a new one. PUT THE WICK in THE MIDDLE, and especially not in one of the four holes...
  • drop in your glass or candle holder, and wait for the wick soaks completely oil and then turn it on.

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